We would like to thank the following wonderful people for their time and contributions to the IMAP.


  • Martino Panizza playing harp
  • Harriet Mackenzie playing violin
  • Kate Brown as female Vocals
  • Michael Solomon Williams as male Vocals
  • Ben Jameson playing electric Guitar
  • Dan Priest playing percussion
  • Robin Grey
  • 10cc in particular, Eric Stewart
  • Philip Selway
  • Sir Cliff Richard
  • WoodField
  • Blue Swerver
  • Madeleine Hart
  • ZoĆ« Bestel


  • Tapio Lokki at the Aalto University School of Science, Department of Media Technology
  • Ross Mackenzie and Alex Hudd of Firebird Films
  • Christopher Wickham
  • Stuart Nelson
  • Heidi Solheim
  • Staff at the Turner Sims Concert Hall, Southampton
  • Louise Johnson
  • Joe Brett at the Centre for Innovation in Technologies and Education
  • Staff at the University of Southampton Auditory Implant Service

And most of all, to all the cochlear implant users who have helped us develop and evaluate the IMAP!

Thank you.


van Besouw R.M., Oliver B.R., Grasmeder M.L., Nicholls D.R., Hodkinson S.M., Polfreman R., White M.P. & Wald M. (2013) The Interactive Music Awareness Programme (IMAP), University of Southampton.