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IMAP Manager

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How do I use the website?

The website is just a tool to find information and view the IMAP sessions. You can view the IMAP sessions, the IMAP software for download, as well as the self test pages. There are more features but these are the main ones.

How do I view a IMAP session?

To view a session, select the IMAP page, then select the session number you are on. You will be required to be logged in in order to view the sessions.

How do I contact you?

Please contact us using our contact page.

IMAP Manager

How do I use the IMAP Manager?

You can view the IMAP managers step by step instructions for more detailed information.

How do I download the IMAP Manager?

The IMAP Manager can be downloaded from this site. Download the IMAP Manager.

I am having problems downloading the IMAP Manager.

If you are having problems, please view the guides on downloading the IMAP Manager. These are located on the IMAP downloads page

The IMAP Manager will not download or downloads very slowly.

Please ensure you are downloading the IMAP Manager from the correct place (download IMAP Manager).If it is downloading but very slowly, you may have a poor Internet connection. We cannot solve this but perhaps try downloading it at a friend's or a community place with Internet access, such as your local library.

When I run the IMAP Apps, the sound or video does not work.

Please check that you have Java and Quicktime installed. These are available for download on the IMAP download page